The CK Holliday Plan Book is a comprehensive study of the construction and design of Disneyland's first steam locomotive. Designed and built under Walt Disney's personal supervision, this historically significant engine is one of the keys to the development of the world famous Disneyland park. The Plan Book is now available for detail-obsessed fans, and for any fans of Disneyland Railroad and steam locomotives wishing to take a closer look at the engine. The Special Edition is printed on heavyweight paper, and features new front and back covers.

The model semi-kit is a collection of custom-made parts to complement the Plan Book. The parts were made directly from the designs in the Plan Book ensuring consistency and accuracy. The large 1:20 scale will showcase many lifelike details, yet compact enough to be displayed proudly in any room. It features over 140 parts to help you build your very own CK Holliday, or your favorite 4-4-0 locomotive.

The planbook Preston created is an impressive piece of work that should appeal to a wide audience—rail fans, Disney fans and Disneyland Railroad fans...The planbook contains a large-format drawing of every major and minor part one would need to construct an actual model, with every single dimension clearly noted. And when I say “every part,” I mean it: You’re going to get drawings ranging from large assemblies such as the boiler, air compressor, smokestack, bell, bell cradle, steam gauge, cab, pilot and drive wheel, down to the smallest parts such as axles, cylinder cocks and even a detail of the individual teeth on the reverse lever quadrant! There are also beautifully rendered large drawings of the complete engine from several vantage points, as well as a cutaway showing the boiler internals.

Steve DeGaetano

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For Disneyland fans, model builders, railroad enthusiasts and historians, this book is a must-have addition to your library.

Michael Broggie, Carolwood Pacific Historical Society

About the Semi-kit

About the Plan Book

The kit's Building Guide is now available for viewing online. It contains information on the building process of the kit, the parts included, and what to expect from the semi-kit.

The prototype semi-kit is a custom order product. Please send me a message if you're interested in purchasing the kit.


CK Holliday Engine Poster

A 36"x24" color poster, with three views of the engine. The text contains a narrative of the engine's history, along with statistics and descriptions of major components. Enumerated labels make identifying key parts on the engine easy.

The drawings and text come right from the Plan Book. At only $35 plus shipping and handling, this poster is just a taste of what's contained in the Plan Book, and is perfect for someone learning about the Disneyland Railroad and steam locomotives.

The poster is currently for custom order only. Please send me a message if you're interested.

Over two years in the making,

the plans and model kit were created from extensive research of original drawings, historical documents, and photographs both new and old. Author and drafter Preston Nirattisai drew on his experience as a draftsman on the Disneyland Railroad Ward Kimball project, and combined it with the latest in computer aided design technology to generate this set of plans, which is the one and only of its kind.