Free CAD drawings

Free Disneyland Railroad Drawings
By Preston N

New drawings! I’ve now included some of the color drawings used in Steve DeGaetano’s collector’s edition of the Disneyland Railroad book. This update includes all 5 engines and the CK Holliday cutaway.

As of 2018, all original links became dead due to my own fault. I do not have the original version so I cannot restore the artwork that were originally hosted here. I have uploaded a similar version that I have in my storage. If you’re seeking the original drawings, perhaps the folks at Burnsland can help. Sorry!

Attention! Now there is a new version of the CK Holliday drawing, richly detailed and heavily researched! Nearly 100 pages! Get your copy at, or see comparisons between the new and old versions here.

Here is a selection of free Disneyland Railroad CAD-style drawings. These are original work by me. They are free for your personal use.

Disneyland Railroad Engine #1 CK Holliday

Disneyland Railroad Engine #2 EP Ripley

Disneyland Railroad Engine #3 Fred Gurley

Disneyland Railroad Engine #4 Ernest S Marsh

Disneyland Railroad Engine #5 Ward Kimball

Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad Retlaw 1

Disneyland Haunted Mansion

5 Responses to Free CAD drawings

  1. Rex

    Dead links. It looks like all the resources have been withdrawn. Update the page?

  2. Ethan Pyo

    So will the links be updated? or just left for dead?

    • preston

      Hi Ethan. Well, you’re right and I should have fixed this a long time ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have those versions of the drawings anymore. I have now uploaded a similar version. Enjoy.

  3. Ryan Reed

    Hello my name is Ryan Reed and I have a great idea for a new Steam simulator game route. Where I come from I live 30 minutes west of Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX I always wondered what it would be like to drive a train that has been at the park since it first opened in 1961 and is the last original attraction from 1961 the Six Flags & Texas Railroad. It would be so cool to have a simulator of the Six Flags & Texas Railroad in a version of present day not when it first opened because I’ve rode the train many times but is always an experience to see in person if this idea is good let me know as soon as you can

  4. Dear Highball Sim,

    I was wondering if you had any CAD drawings of the Westinghouse Comppresor? I saw some pictures of in your book, and I am modeling a 1:10 scale locomotive for 3D printing, and am in need of some good accurate drawings to pull up 3D models for printing.
    Here are some pictures of our project if your interested in taking a look.
    Sure would appreicate your help.

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