14: trucking

Back from vacation now. The lifting shaft (blue) is finished and is now connected to the links via the lifting links.

Now, time for something a bit different. Here’s start of the truck assembly, with the equalizing bars connected to the axle boxes.

A little perspective

In working and viewing the model in solidworks, which shows an isometric view of the model, one can forget the size and depth of the model being built. Today I did a little photo-real rendering test, which gives the image accurate perspective and lighting.

The mid-tone gray coloring is commonly used in rendering tests.

Here’s detailing of the valve gear and link.

Several things to note that are artifacts of rendering: the faceting on circular solids making them appear rough, and the corners that are “too sharp”. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect corner so these “computer perfect” generated images tend to give that “fake” look. Once the modeling is completely done, I would have to go in and chamfer these corners to allow the “light” to reflect in a more realistic way.