This website is dedicated to virtually modeling and recreating the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad. In 2011, I set out to study and understand exactly how my favorite engine, the CK Holliday, functions and works. My CK Holliday Plan Book is a documentation of what I have learned, and it is documented here. The plan book also allow other fans to “reproduce” their own engine.

A few years later, having a “static” model of the engine wasn’t enough. I wanted to see it come alive. The goal of Highball Sim is to recreate both of the seminal engines of the Disneyland Railroad, the CK Holliday and the EP Ripley. Now, you too can learn and experience what it’s like to operate a “genuine steam powered locomotive”. The simulator features accurate physics coded especially for the steam locomotive, combined with lifelike 3D modeling and realistic sounds. Indeed, over six years since I started my little CK Holliday project, welcome to Highball Sim!


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