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some bugs in 1.0.1

Numerous reports have pointed me to a couple of bugs that managed to get in to the 1.0.1 update. They are:

  • Autofire crashing within 1956 map
  • Valve sensitivity not taking effect within 1956 map
  • FPS settings not saving (this affects the Windows version only, according to my tests)

The root cause of these bugs have been found and another update is coming.

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Disneyland Railroad Steam Simulator 1.0.1 update released

Effective immediately, the first update of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Steam Simulator is now available. Version 1.0.1 updates and changes include:

  • macOS version released
  • Added keyboard controls for throttle and Johnson bar
  • Added cab and headlight lamps response to generator charging
  • Added target FPS slider and lock
  • Speedometer now working when engine is moving backward
  • Added variable “auto” fireman control
  • Slightly tweaked the electrical system (now possible higher starting voltage value)
  • Changed/updated fire script to allow for auto firing and possible future feature expansion
  • Fixed crashing bug when auto firing is active
  • Updated the manual

There are two ways to obtain the new updated version:

  • If you haven’t purchased the sim yet, just purchasing from the product page will give you the latest download
  • If you have already purchased the sim, look for your original order email for the download link. Simply redownload the file and you will have the latest version, then install as usual.

A note about macOS: the Simulator is based on the OpenGL platform, and as far as I know, Mojave has completely left OpenGL for Metal, therefore Mojave is not officially supported at this time. The Simulator was built for and successfully tested on High Sierra (10.13.3 to be exact). (Which version do I have?)

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Disneyland Railroad Simulator Manual… printed edition!

One of the new items coming as part of the Simulator update that I haven’t talked about is the highly limited printed edition of the Operating Manual!

Although a PDF copy comes with the Simulator, this printed version allows you to actually hold a “piece” of the Simulator. It is printed on 6″x9″ format and spiral bound, mimicking the real operating manual typical of steam engines and other technical/industrial type of work.

It is printed in color on glossy paper, and makes reading and browsing through the technical aspects of the Simulator and steam engine operation a breeze.

The printed manual is based on version Simulator version 1.0.1 (ie, the first update after the initial release of 1.0). You can also take this announcement to hint that the long overdue but minor update is coming really soon now (I hope!).

You can order the printed manual from the sidebar on the Simulator’s product page.


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