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What a sight!

Checkout the water level in the sightglass!

2014-08-28 20_46_42-Greenshot

In “Disneyland Railroad speak”, “two nuts” is the correct level of water to maintain. Of course, on the real train, the water level fluctuates with the amount of heat being applied (converting to steam), the amount of water being injected into the boiler, and even the movement of the train!

A skilled fireman must be able to keep a steady level of water despite all the forces above.

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still alive

I’m still alive! Let’s keep this blog going… recently I made a digital painting (mockup) of the CK Holliday cab. Of course, it’s based on the drawing in the plan book (page B50 if you have it and want to follow along).

For one thing though, I really like the look of the Holliday cab with a natural ash wood look, rather than the bright green in the interior. It looks like it belongs in the 1850’s, and the combination of black, bright brass, and natural wood is just so elegant and… well… manly!

2014-08-25 19_28_51-Greenshot

Here’s a closeup of the gauge. 0psi… nothing exciting.

2014-08-21 18_14_44-Greenshot

Do you like the cab with or without the pipe wraps?

2014-08-19 18_53_07-Greenshot


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