Animated engine models

Let’s take a look at the progress (or the lack of progress) of the engine link and valve gear animation!

It looks great in Blender so far, until we get into UE5 and suddenly it’s a lot more complicated.

While I ramble about making this all work out “for the next version of the simulator”, don’t take this as any kind of announcement or hints. The “next version of the simulator” is still only a dream at this point, but sometimes dreams do come true!


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  1. Jonathan Schoen

    I’m glad to see you’re working on this sim again. Definitely hoping that you release an updated version. The attention to detail for steam operation you created is in my opinion the most realistic feeling of all steam sims I’ve played. That plus the nostalgia of operating a train that has such a special place in my heart and those of many others really makes this work special.

    • preston

      Thanks for those words! I’m hoping to see a new version too 🙂 At this point, it’s just something I have maybe an hour per month to work on, not really a “project” on its own yet.

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