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The Haunted Mansion Architectural PDF Plans now available

Over ten years later since the first preview, I’m finally making my version of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion Architectural Plans available…for free!

I haven’t worked on this very much since the original preview so I figure it’s fair to release this, although I would say it’s about 90% complete. Only some ironwork details and a few architectural ornaments are missing. What’s included though are:

  • Floor plans and roof plan (since it’s a shell building, it’s just basically the building footprint/outline)
  • Patio floor plans
  • Elevations of all four sides
  • Patio facade elevations
  • Elevations of the iconic green iron railing
  • Millwork elevations
  • Architectural ornaments elevations and details: cupola, chimney, and so much more!
  • Windows and doors schedule
  • Patterns, patterns, and patterns! “Bird of Paradise” Ironwork, weathervane, and more!

The millwork, patterns, and ornaments were drawn from the original plans or manufacturer’s drawings where available. Otherwise, some elements were recreated from measurements or just guessing, as usual. Anyway, I still believe this is the most complete set of plans for the facade building available. It’s 36 pages of full 24″x36″.

Grab the PDF plans here, a 30mb download.

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