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For a long time now, I’ve been offering some of my Disneyland Railroad drawings for anyone to download for free. These drawings were made with the information that was available at the time, but they certainly weren’t “engineered” drawings.

My “rebuild” of the CK Holliday, however, was engineered from the ground up, starting with just the frames, and then built up and outward. This certainly is the most accurate way to portray the engine.

So, what happens if we compare the old drawings with the new? Well, it’s kind of like getting a new pair of eye glasses–suddenly there are details that just weren’t there before!

Let’s take a look at some of the comparison highlights.

The old drawing that you can still download today is in the background. Most obvious is is the driver: much more detailed and realistically proportioned. The air brake cylinder is properly attached to the frame. And we know that the spring equalizing system in the new drawing is correct and “just works”, because each piece was built in the CAD, not “guessed.”

The backhead detail–what is there more to say? Take a close look at the firedoor, throttle , and the gauges stand. The plumbing in the new version is also richly detailed because, again, they were actually “built.” Each bend is exactly as it should be. Components like the valve wheels and gauges were recreated to the manufacturer’s specs, too.

The new drawing doesn’t show the gauge faces here, but a detail is included in the Plan Book.

Everything here is more detailed. From the recessed cab paneling, the boiler’s front, pilot, and the array of pipes and fittings on the air compressor on the drawing’s right side. Also, the smokebox braces are thicker, and curves down correctly.

So, in conclusion, if you’re looking to approximate your model, or just want to get a general idea of the engine, the free drawing will get you there. But if you want a complete understanding of the engine, or want a model with correct details and proportions, I think, the Plan Book is a must.

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