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The Haunted Mansion Architectural PDF Plans now available

Over ten years later since the first preview, I’m finally making my version of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion Architectural Plans available…for free!

I haven’t worked on this very much since the original preview so I figure it’s fair to release this, although I would say it’s about 90% complete. Only some ironwork details and a few architectural ornaments are missing. What’s included though are:

  • Floor plans and roof plan (since it’s a shell building, it’s just basically the building footprint/outline)
  • Patio floor plans
  • Elevations of all four sides
  • Patio facade elevations
  • Elevations of the iconic green iron railing
  • Millwork elevations
  • Architectural ornaments elevations and details: cupola, chimney, and so much more!
  • Windows and doors schedule
  • Patterns, patterns, and patterns! “Bird of Paradise” Ironwork, weathervane, and more!

The millwork, patterns, and ornaments were drawn from the original plans or manufacturer’s drawings where available. Otherwise, some elements were recreated from measurements or just guessing, as usual. Anyway, I still believe this is the most complete set of plans for the facade building available. It’s 36 pages of full 24″x36″.

Grab the PDF plans here, a 30mb download.

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a free haunted mansion update

I know some of you are really eager to get the Haunted Mansion architectural set. That’s not done yet, but I decided to release a version of it for free!

This drawing is something I made a long time ago with intention of releasing for free, but I guess I never got around to it. Well, here it is. It shows three elevations visible to the public in good details. I admit that it does lack decorative railing details, which is something that the full mansion architectural set won’t.

2015-03-13 17_00_21-elevations composition - inverted - 100 - Windows Photo Viewer

This “lithograph”-style drawing has a dark background and a subtle “wandering” and fading “hand-drawn” look to the lines, evoking the famous Mark Davis drawing of the original facade.

To download a full size copy, just click the picture below and save it to your computer. Again, the drawing is provided free and you may distribute, modify, or use it in your project. But you absolutely may not make money from it, or use it to make money in any way.

elevations composition - inverted - 100

Also, note that the titleblock on this drawing says “Balboa Observatory”. This is just for me to avoid saying “Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion”.



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Plan Books nearly sold out!


It’s been a long time since my last update. Not much has been going on. The tender is still on the drawing board, and there’s been some progress on the Haunted Mansion facade set. In fact, I actually redrafted that set.

You should know that both Regular and Special Edition of the CK Holliday Plan Book are nearly sold out. So, if you’ve been putting it off, get it now before they’re gone. Reprinting of the plan book is not being planned at this time.

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Haunted Mansion rendering

A while ago I posted a preview of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion’s facade architectural set. Continuing the preview, below are some shots of the 3d model built from the plan.

Architectural details such as the window shutter stop and exterior lamps are represented in both the model and the plans. As this is still work in progress, the decorative window bars are still missing.

Details such as the tapered columns, capitals, pediments, and cornices were drawn from traditional sources to ensure that these parts conform to classical architecture.

The landscape is just a rough draft to give the model a scene to be in.

Standby for future updates!


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something completely different: the Haunted Mansion blueprint set

NEW UPDATE has been posted here.

I’ve had this project sitting on my hard drive for a while, so I guess now is as good a time to throw this out there:

The Disneyland Haunted Mansion architectural set is a result of years of research. I started the first draft of the Haunted Mansion facade back in 2000-2001 as a quick little project. Since then the obsession for details and accuracy grew. This latest edition incorporates all the information I dug up and learned about the Haunted Mansion’s building over the year. (You might have seen one of the iterations which was a 3-elevation “lithograph” released free to public). I used the original blue prints, as-built measurements, manufacturer’s data of architectural components (either original or equivalent), and lots of pictures.

Using the above data, I “reconstructed” the Haunted Mansion from foundation in a Building Information Management system (AutoCAD was simply not up to the task this scale). Every detail of the building was reconstructed per architectural standards.

What’s different above this set is that I am including architectural details as part of the set, such as properly dimensioned cornice profiles and door moldings.

In my previous attempts at recreating the Haunted Mansion, one of the hardest part was getting the famous balcony railing correct. I decided that the only way to get this to work correctly was to buy the actual pattern. This allowed me to get very exacting dimensions and pattern into the drawings.

The end result is a 36-page, 24″x36″ set. It includes floor, roof, and patio plans; exterior, patio, and railing elevations; millwork, cupola, chimmy, pediment, column details. It does not include site and landscapes. That’s a completely different beast!

Now, I’m not an architect, but I’ve worked with one so I understand some amount of detail and standard that architectural plans required. Having said that, I believe this set is accurate enough for any model makers.

Eagle-eyed fans may also noticed that some major components are missing from the previews above. It is still work in progress, but very nearly done.

Stand-by for more as I figure out how to package the set for public consumption.


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