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pulling out of a station

I intended to release a long, narrated video preview of the sim for the Thanksgiving weekend. I recorded it, but in the replay I found out that my mic died! So that video is getting delayed.

Meanwhile, I made a smaller preview video showing the CK Holliday pulling out of a station. For the first time, you can finally see and hear the engine in motion!

I have to write this disclaimer again that the sim is still in alpha. Which means that the features to see in the video are subject to change, and the quality of the game is not final. Anyway, a few things to point out:

  • The two bell at the beginning of the video is the cab bell. You can simulate whether to have a conductor or not. If so, the conductor will ring two bells after a certain amount of time, signaling the train to proceed forward. Occasionally (rarely), the conductor will ring the bell one time when the train is in motion to signal an emergency stop.
  • I opened the throttle very slowly, so it took a while for the engine to pick up speed. A generally safe way to open the throttle is to open it just a little bit at a time. When the throttle is pulled, the D valve opens a little bit, then steam somewhat slowly enters the dry pipe and the cylinders. The steam will eventually build up and equalizes in the cylinders. It’s not instantaneous! It’s a bit like “do this, then wait and see, and react, then repeat.” This nature of the steam engine is simulated.
  • How easily or difficult it is to start moving depends on how long the train’s been running… why?
  • Once the train is moving at a reasonable speed, I opened the throttle up a bit more, because it was unlikely that the engine will slip now.
  • Half way in the video you can hear a loud hiss. That’s the injectors kicking in, operated by the automatic/AI fireman. He’s not much of an “intelligent” fireman though. You’ll still have to adjust the firing valves and keep the pressure. He’ll only add water, and only when there’s sufficient pressures to do so.

I’ll expand on these features at a later preview. For now, enjoy the (short) sights and sounds of the Disneyland Railroad Simulator!

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