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Store is back on line

The new store is here and you can make purchases as usual (at the moment only the Sim and the digital plan book are available…nothing new to add to the store yet).

If there are any troubles please let me know! As it’s a new store there certainly could be bugs.

Now that’s done, hopefully I will have time to make another video update of the rebuild soon!

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All sales currently on pause

Sales of all products on the, including the simulator and plan book, are currently on paused as we’re looking for a new distribution platform. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please note also that if you’ve bought the Sim previously, your copy will continue to work, but you won’t be able to redownload it from Fastspring anymore.

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memories of the tests

I just found a stash of old pictures during the completion and testing phases of the engine number 5, the Ward Kimball. Since the sim is also in its testing phase, I thought would be appropriate to share these pictures with you.

You can also find some of these pictures in Steve DeGaetano’s “From Plantation to Theme Park” book.

You might recognize this engine: it’s the Ward Kimball! But notice that she is without some of her ornaments and finishes: the headlamp, the pilot, the window panes, and the distinctive yellow stars on the driver.


IMG_5423 (Medium)

Above: the engine is loaded on a flat bed, and is getting ready for her trip from the BBRI shop to the roundhouse. Below: Paul Boschan poses for pictures in the engineer’s seat.


IMG_5394 (Medium)

Above: some of the BBRI crew and guests. Below: Paul Boschan prepares the engine for loading onto the flat bed.

IMG_5410 (Medium)

A look at the mostly-finished cab head. Your author was tasked with wrapping the steam pipes with protective cloth.

IMG_5403 (Medium)

Below: the engine arrives late under the cover of the night. The crew encountered some difficulties maneuvering the long flat bed into position: there were cars parked in places where the truck’s long turn radius could not clear!


IMG_5474 (Medium)

IMG_5472 (Medium)

Above: The engine’s new and permanent home! She’s in the roundhouse, undergoing some final finishing and testing. Note that she’s still lacking the finishing ornaments, hinting that her debut is still quite some time away from the date this picture was taken.


Above: author couldn’t resist not posing with the engine.

On one of the days I had some time to tour around the roundhouse after hours. You’ll see below that some of the engines were in quite a unique state!

IMG_5441 (Medium)

IMG_5489 (Medium)

Above: all wrapped up—is it Christmas? There were some painting maintenance in the roundhouse: the number 1 and 3 were wrapped up with plastic sheet for protection from the spray paint. You can see the new paint on number 3’s boiler jacket. Below: the Lilly Belle coach was neglected and stored in the back of the roundhouse for a while, with her windows covered with plywood sheets. Matt Ouimet, the resort’s President at the time, was a fan of the trains and ordered for the restoration of the Lilly Belle. Now you can see and ride this historic car again.

IMG_5499 (Medium)

IMG_5468 (Medium)

Above: author in the cab of the number 2, EP Ripley. Note the missing boiler gauge. Below: EP Ripley hero shot.

IMG_5460 (Medium)

IMG_5490 (Medium)

Above: the number 4 Ernest S Marsh with removed drivers and crossheads, smokebox front, and other accessories. This affords a rare peek at the T-pipe inside the smokebox.

You can see more pictures of the behind-the-scenes and read about the testing in Steve DeGaetano’s “From Plantation to Theme Park“.


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one year later…

Hi! It’s been a while since we’ve talked. So, one year later since my last update, and the plan books have been sold out for sometimes now. However, I do have a few copies left that I used for showing, so these are “used copies.” I’ll sell one of these at a discount for you; if you’re interested email me or leave a comment.

I’m a little bit closer to finishing The Haunted Mansion set. Now it will be a 11″x17″ set alike the Holliday book. Standby for more information.

The Holliday tender is still on the drawing board. I plan on resuming the work on it after the Haunted Mansion.

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site’s down

Even with 99.999% uptime, websites will still go down for several hours a year. Currently, is down right now, but is expected to be up and running again soon.

More information on the outage can be found here.

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