Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Steam Simulator

Over five years in the making,

The Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Steam Simulator aims to be the most accurate desktop simulation of narrow gauge steam engines available.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to fire and run a real DRR-style steam engine, this will be as close as you will be able to get unless you get a job on the DRR.

–Steve DeGaetano

The CK Holliday and the EP Ripley are the two iconic 5/8 scale narrow gauge locomotives that were instrumental in making Disneyland a reality, and they have been seen, photographed, and admired by countless millions of visitors. They are likely to be one the hardest working steam locomotives operating today.

And now, you can take the throttle of these engines and experience what it’s like to be an engine crew on one of the world’s most famous railroad.

The Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Steam Simulator has been built from the ground-up, using custom-coded engine and physics to specifically simulate these two engines. With inputs from real steam engine and Disneyland Railroad crew, the Steam Simulator brings an unprecedented access to the engine’s cab right to your home.

  • Faithful digital replicas of the CK Holliday and EP Ripley
  • Lifelike 3d model of the engines, the cab controls, with photorealistic textures and actual sounds recorded from the real engines
  • Accurate physics and thermodynamic created specially for the simulation of steam and narrow gauge railroad
  • Realistic controls provide you with an opportunity to try your hand at being a fireman, and engineer, or both!
  • Run the engine around a recreation of the Disneyland park in 1955, complete with famous structures such as the Main Street Station, Frontierland Station, and the original roundhouse
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The CK Holliday Engine Study Plan Book

The CK Holliday Plan Book is a comprehensive study of the construction and design of Disneyland’s first steam locomotive. Designed and built under Walt Disney’s personal supervision, this historically significant engine is one of the keys to the development of the world famous Disneyland park. The Plan Book is now available for detail-obsessed fans, and for any fans of Disneyland Railroad and steam locomotives wishing to take an comprehensive “builder’s” look at the engine.

  • An original plan book of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Engine number 1: CK Holliday, based on extensive original research
  • Elevations and detailed drawings of components with dimensions: frames, boiler, drivers, truck, cab, and more
  • Accompanying text describes the function of each component
  • Over 90 pages of drawings and text
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