43: speedometer

The Holliday’s speedometer is mounted above the engineer’s left side on a ball and pocket swivel. This allows the gauge to be adjusted for comfortable reading. The gauge shows the train’s speed measured in feet per second, and the speed is read from the last car in the train (which means the speedometer can’t be used to detect wheel slips when pulling out of the station).

2 thoughts on “43: speedometer

  1. Hey there!
    love what you are doing here simply an amazing job!
    Im building a 1:4 E.P. Ripley, first live steamer, total newbie. Ive been doing alot of research and picking people brain and cant seem to find any information on how the speedometer works. I’m guessing its mechanically driven like older transmission driven speedos on cars but i honestly don’t have a clue. Its a detail i really want to include in my engine can you shine some light as to the asctual mechanics of how they work and are driven?

    Thanks, Cheers!!

    • WOW! 1:4 scale… good luck, that’s going to be very impressive and would love to see your progress! From what I remember, the speedometer is driven by a dynamo hooked up to one of the cars in the back. It basically converts the axle RPM to feet per second. I’m not entirely sure on this part, but it’s probably powered by the DC battery on the tender.

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