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I’ve been getting increasingly more requests for news on the sim, and that’s totally justifiable because the last news was over a year ago! The simple answer to why there’s been no news is because: there’s no news.

I haven’t worked on the sim since last year, and honestly, I don’t even have the development computer at the moment. The research of the historical Disneyland is daunting, as well as not having any free time, basically leaves the sim as is. I’ve looked into hiring outside help for modeling, but there really is no interests.

Sorry for the not so exciting news, but as it is, please do not expect anything new for the foreseeable future.

I’m glad to say though that I’m happy with the current state of the sim. The last update with the virtual fireman was the one feature I really wanted to have, and I’m happy it got released. I think the mechanics of the live steam operations as is are solid. Any future updates would be mostly cosmetic (like that map).

Meanwhile, I’m planning on one more video over the Christmas break just to revisit the sim, and talk trains. Stand by.


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  1. Hey Preston, I’m glad to hear you are ok. I figured the silence was because there was basically nothing new to add about progress. If you ever find yourself with time and a developing computer, just know my offer to help is still open and free of charge:

    I know Disneyland history, like the back of my hand, I’ve spent the last 17 years obsessing over it. Pouring my free time into history, photographs, and even maintaining a large collection of footage and pictures of the park throughout the decades. You could point to a spot on the map and say “what was here in the year 1968?” And I could tell you. Not only could I tell you about every topographical and structural feature of the park in any year of it’s existence, but I can also provide photographs of said features. If you ever want to know how much I know about Disneyland, just checkout Alex the Historian on YouTube

    I’m no graphic modeler, but when it comes to research and history and park layout, I can be your virtual search engine, all you gotta do is ask. Anyway, thank you so much for the sim we have, I know I still run it every now and again when I feel the need to operate a steam engine. You’ve brought that amazing experience right to my computer, so thank you! Hope you and your family are doing well. -Alex

    • preston

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks so much for your support over these years! Yes, I’ve watched all your videos šŸ™‚ I’m sure that, as a content producer yourself, you understand how grueling making regular updates can be!

      I’m still here, just won’t be posting anything much for now šŸ™‚

  2. Chris

    Iā€™d be willing to help for free.. I have some time I can work on some things. Ive been 3D modeling for about the last 25 years.. not too much in recent years but I can lend a hand at least. Maybe get models to a point where you just need to put the finishing touches on them rather than having to do things from scratch. Iā€™d love to see this sim keep getting developed and it would be great to one day see this in VR.

    • preston

      Hi Chris. Thanks for your support and offer. I’ve explored getting some help on the modeling work before but it didn’t go far. If/when I come back to this I’d be happy to consider it again.

  3. Train Gaming

    man… if only I knew how to 3D model well and also have time to do it. I got high school and I’m becoming a pilot, which I am willing to take a break from it (I have taken the same course many times and I probably need a break), so I have a very full plate right now, maybe during the summer or something id be down to learn how to model or even research history for you guys. and I don’t care if I get paid or not, I’m only 16 and I don’t care as much about money right now.

  4. Hi Preston, I really love the Sim, a bug that I’d like to report is when you blow the whistle at the Mark Twain River Boat (the shave and the haircut) it doesn’t to it back to you. I can’t wait to see what the future versions of the Sim brings. Would it be possible to add more trees on all the maps?

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