Update 1.0.2 released!

The Simulator’s 1.0.2 update has been released! You can get it by re-downloading the program using the same link found in your original purchase email. For Windows, the installer will replace and update all the files necessary. For macOS, simply replace the old version with the new one.

Take a look at the release notes here for a list of updates and changes (there’s also been a couple of additions to the list since the original post).

Don’t forget that the manual has been updated as well to address the new features. From today, if you order the printed Sim manual, it will be based on this version.

Have fun running the engine with your new fireman! Remember to press the F4 key to activate the fireman menu.

James spent many Saturday mornings running the sim and helping me find bugs. Here he is at one year old running the Holliday
…and here he is at almost three years old

This project started even before he was born, and here he is still pulling on the whistle on the weekends. It’s been quite a journey!


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12 Responses to Update 1.0.2 released!

  1. etay markman

    on his first tender ride he is gonna surprise the crew for sure

    anyways excited to download

  2. Aaron

    Is there a way to turn off Motion Blur? I can’t seem to find an option for that.

  3. Alex the Historian

    YES!! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to play it!

  4. Mason Apple

    This new update system is kind of weird to say I cant remember my email. In the future will there be a easier way to update?

  5. Mason Apple

    And is it just me or does the conductor cab bell not work?

    • Alex the Historian

      Yeah my cab bell doesn’t work either. And the conductor stops announcing after the first announcement. I don’t have problems with the fireman though. As long as you communicate to the fireman your intentions whether it be departing, drifting or stopping, it should be fine. You can’t tell him your departing and then never tell him when you’re drifting or else he’s always going to be giving you too much steam.

  6. Mason Apple

    And my fireman is not really maintaining pressure its more of letting it reach 150 and having the caps blow.

    • Mason Apple

      I have been telling him for departure and arrival but he still climbs.

      • preston

        The new fireman is not “magic” like the previous iteration, and will occasionally set off the safetys because that’s what humans do. You’ll need to anticipate what the fireman needs to do. Once you understand his job, you’ll have a sense of when is the right time to give him commands.

        I will be making some tutorial videos on the fireman, probably after patching these small bugs (like the bell no longer working). Meanwhile, if it looks like the fireman is building too much pressure when he shouldn’t be, you can always override him by commanding “set spot fire”.

  7. Ok so im still confused on how the interactive fireman works ive been tryin to figure it out for the longest time and it just confuses me. anyone care to explain?

  8. Ryan Maceri

    Would we need to buy it again if we can’t find the email with the purchase link?

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