1.0.2a patch released

This is a non-mandatory update 1.0.2a to fix minor issues found in the 1.0.2 release:

  • Fixed conductor and cab bell not resetting
  • Fixed heat effect setting not being applied on ranch map
  • Moved animated people away from tracks on ranch map

The update is now available, and you can get the latest version by re-downloading the Simulator as always.


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15 Responses to 1.0.2a patch released

  1. etay markman

    that was quick

  2. Alex the Historian

    I downloaded the patch and ran the simulator. Everything is working perfectly! I gotta say Preston, I’m really enjoying the interactive fireman feature. Things get interesting when he makes mistakes which makes me make mistakes, it changes up the experience! Great work!

    • preston

      Thanks! The future goal is definitely to expand the capabilities of and interaction with the fireman. The engines themselves I think are pretty complete, so the next step in making this more realistic is to bring the multi-crew aspect of railroading to the sim.

      I’m aware that not everyone is liking this update because the fireman is no longer “magic”. Even at expert experience setting, you still have to work with him to run the engine smoothly. I plan on covering this in an upcoming tutorial video.

      • Alex the Historian

        I suppose it’s a tough situation because 1/2 the rail fans want it to be user friendly; I have a friend who was excited to play it, but got easily overwhelmed and gave up…but the other 1/2 like me, enjoy the realistic operation. I’ve always wanted to learn how to operate the Disneyland trains the way they are actually run, and this sim is perfect for me. I don’t think there’s any steam locomotive sim in the world, this accurate!

      • Ryan Reed

        can you please send me a link with the update download patch for the game with interactive fireman???

  3. Ryan Reed

    Hello My Name is Ryan Reed Can you please send me a link to get all the recent update including the Interactive Fireman

  4. Ryan Reed

    Hello My Name is Ryan Reed Can you please send me a link to get all the recent update including the Interactive Fireman and 1963 Disneyland Railroad map went its finished?

  5. I’d like to know when the 1963 map will come out. Also send me the link for it.

  6. hello im just wondering when the next map release date is?

    • preston

      Hi Cody, sorry for the bad news (and the lack of news in general), but there really hasn’t been any development on the new map yet. I plan on posting the release map sometime in the future to update everyone on what’s going on.

      • Hi Preston we are very worried about you, are you okay? Hope everything is okay! Everyone is probably wondering how the progress is coming with version 1.0.3. I hope there will be an update about version 1.0.3 very very soon!!

  7. So i was thinkin will there be an in game tutorial on how to properly operate the steam engines or will that all be on the youtube channel? Also will there be more locomotives available other than just C.K and E.P in future updates?

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