31: backhead plumbing and progress shots

The backhead is being fitted with valves, gauges, pipes, and levers.

The two gauges are Ashcroft boiler pressure gauge and duplex air brake gauge. The “U” shaped pipes to the left and right will feed the steam to the left and right injectors. The top three red valve wheels will feed the blower, air pump, and atomizer respectively. And the large red wheel just below and behind the air brake gauge is the main header valve.

All the steam appliances will be supplied from the steam manifold behind the boiler gauge. It’s the large, short cylindrical pipe in the picture above.

On the back of the boiler, the red valve with four spokes is part of the water glass piping. To its right is the throttle. The oval hole below that is a boiler washout. The two diagonal red valves are the dual cocks, and finally the vertical bar is the reversing bar.

The throttle is locked in place by a quadrant with teeth. It operates much like the reversing bar, using a latch-spring type mechanism. Its operation is quite interesting as the quadrant moves with the throttle when operated. I’ll post a video of this up later.

And now, just some overall shots of the progress:

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