12: steam chest

Just a quick update today. The steam chest and its packing are in place.

I think the bolts make it look like the Pantheon, with Roman columns surrounding the perimeter.

With transparency turned on, this is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the steam chest. Here, the 2 valve stem collars at the gland packing are highlighted in blue. The horizontal bolts are used to tighten the exterior collar into the packing, creating a seal at the valve stem.

(The actual packing is not modeled).

Another interesting finding today. Meyer suggests that the pin joining the rocker arm and the valve rod should be tapered to allow the pin to be removed later. But, the CK Holliday photos also show that the Disney engineers use a bolt-cotterpin-slotted nut assembly here, which generally are not tapered. It’s certainly possible to manufacturer’s own tapered bolt, then machine thread the end to receive the slotted nut. But, wouldn’t that make replacement and repairs time consuming?

Anyway, here is the connection. I’ve decided to go with tapered bolt, but also with cotter pin assembly.

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