The 1-degree incline

I was wrong! If you look closely when I completed the cylinder and saddle casting, you can see the 1-degree incline known to the Rogers locomotives, of which the DLR #1 and #2 are based on. On the closer look, you can see that although the cylinder is inclined, the saddle is not. I did this intentionally because it made more sense at the time to assemble a flat-decked saddle onto the frame and the boiler on it.


I just recently came across a drawing showing that the Rogers really did have inclined saddle deck. This was a nightmare trying to incline the saddle with all the ports into, along with figuring out how to cut horizontal surfaces for the frames and the boiler.


One day later, the steam chest and valve rod are also inclined. This results in the rocker arm being slightly shorter than previously designed (6.62in).

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