29: boiler touchups

The Fullerton RR day last weekend was a lot of fun, and I even learned a thing or two!

DLR did not bring out an engine to show this year, but they had the Lilly Belle the coach and the display boiler–the same boiler that is kept in the roundhouse as a learning tool:

Now it has been painted to make identifying parts of the boiler easier. Here are some pictures from Saturday:

I felt triumphal in finding that almost everything I modeled is correct to the real counterpart. There were some parts that needed changing, mainly:

  • Change flues from 2″ OD to 1″ OD
  • Change the t-pipe from welded to bolted connection
  • Change number of stay bolts across the boiler
  • Add tube sheet bracing above the firebox

And I finally have access to the ashpan.

My updated model is below:

The ashpan has a narrow grate at the bottom to allow embers to be cleared out and air to flow in. There’s also a 12″ access panel bolted to the bottom.

The sand dome base, made of cast iron, is attached to the boiler below. It’s held in position by 2 1″ bolts welded to the boiler.

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