last few details…

One of the last few details behind the scene is one of the “surprises” I mentioned a few updates ago. It’s a small detail that helps give life to the Disneyland scenery but it’s actually pretty big physically… the Mark Twain River Boat!

Also a steam powered vehicle, you’ll see it glide along the river as a long time companion to the railroad, and you’ll hear its very distinctive whistle through out the park from time to time.

The Mark Twain is also quite a sight at night!

In addition to the whistle, in the sim the Mark Twain also features animated stern wheel with water splash effect and steam exhausts. It was quite enjoyable just watching it cruising the river while I was taking these preview pictures 🙂

5 thoughts on “last few details…

  1. will the mark twain respond to you? i mean if i whistle “shave and a haircut” when i see it will it give me a “two bits” in response?

  2. ok, this is awesome!! Are we going to be able to visit Disneyland of 1955? Are you doing the buildings and all?
    My jaw in on the floor in admiration of your talent.
    Can’t wait to visit the park
    The very Best

  3. Can’t wait for try out the finished product. Love the Mark Twain! You have an incredible eye for detail! Will you be able to run both engines simultaneously on the mainline? And if so, is there any kind of crash or derailment animation included in the event that doesn’t turn out well. Can the engines derail if you run them too fast?

    • Good questions. You can only run 1 train at a time (since that train is “you”, the operator). It’s not possible to derail the train from speeding because these engines just don’t get very fast, but you can derail from running over open switches (so you better make sure you have the right tracks configuration before you proceed ahead!)

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