plumbing first part

After the footplate and the sidesheets, the running boards then get set on their supports. The boards were cut out directly from a template made from the plan. With some money, the plan could actually be sent to a waterjet cutter and have meticulously cut running boards. But in this case, the template was traced over a sheet metal and cut with a pair of sheers. Then, brass strips were attached for the edges.

The detailing on the model will even include major plumbing. The first line to be installed is the air line from the forward air tank to the air brake stand in the cab.


Here’s a section from the plan with the air line highlighted.



The line gets stubbed up from the bottom into the cab and turn right into the brake stand.

Seen along in this shot are the first two valve handles to go in: the dual try-cocks. Also, the firebox door, handle (unpainted), and the oil-can shelf.

And on the left side the first line installed is the outside portion of the blower, which goes from the cab to the smokebox.


Here again, the line is highlighted.


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