something completely different: the Haunted Mansion blueprint set

NEW UPDATE has been posted here.

I’ve had this project sitting on my hard drive for a while, so I guess now is as good a time to throw this out there:

The Disneyland Haunted Mansion architectural set is a result of years of research. I started the first draft of the Haunted Mansion facade back in 2000-2001 as a quick little project. Since then the obsession for details and accuracy grew. This latest edition incorporates all the information I dug up and learned about the Haunted Mansion’s building over the year. (You might have seen one of the iterations which was a 3-elevation “lithograph” released free to public). I used the original blue prints, as-built measurements, manufacturer’s data of architectural components (either original or equivalent), and lots of pictures.

Using the above data, I “reconstructed” the Haunted Mansion from foundation in a Building Information Management system (AutoCAD was simply not up to the task this scale). Every detail of the building was reconstructed per architectural standards.

What’s different above this set is that I am including architectural details as part of the set, such as properly dimensioned cornice profiles and door moldings.

In my previous attempts at recreating the Haunted Mansion, one of the hardest part was getting the famous balcony railing correct. I decided that the only way to get this to work correctly was to buy the actual pattern. This allowed me to get very exacting dimensions and pattern into the drawings.

The end result is a 36-page, 24″x36″ set. It includes floor, roof, and patio plans; exterior, patio, and railing elevations; millwork, cupola, chimmy, pediment, column details. It does not include site and landscapes. That’s a completely different beast!

Now, I’m not an architect, but I’ve worked with one so I understand some amount of detail and standard that architectural plans required. Having said that, I believe this set is accurate enough for any model makers.

Eagle-eyed fans may also noticed that some major components are missing from the previews above. It is still work in progress, but very nearly done.

Stand-by for more as I figure out how to package the set for public consumption.

10 thoughts on “something completely different: the Haunted Mansion blueprint set

  1. How much interior work have you drawn and detailed? I am intersted in getting a DWG file of what you have done.

  2. Hello Mr. Barraud,

    Firstly I want to tell you, what beautiful work you’ve done in recreating the CK Holliday and Haunted Mansion blueprints, probably some of the best stuff i’ve since since Ray Keim’s early 2000’s virtual modeling work on the Haunted Mansions. But I come here to ask a question, i’ve been searching all over the internet for blueprints and elevations of the DL HM for years, so that I can build a scale model and recreation for the PC Game RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. The only problem is, being a broke college student at the moment I haven’t money to invest into actual blueprints, and almost anything I find on the internet is either incomplete or extremely hard to read. So I was hoping you were willing to share your (preferably high-quality) CAD drawings, watermarked of course, so that I can start on this project i’ve been trying to accomplish for ages. If you’d like to get into contact with me please do not hesitate to e-mail me at, so we can further talk about my use of your blueprints and whatnot.

    Thank you so much for your time,
    Jose Dominguez

    1. Hi. I’m not sure who is Mr. Barraud 😉 but thanks for the compliments.

      I’ve released free version of the Haunted Mansion elevation before. Not as high in detail but good enough to make a model. You can search for it online as I don’t have them anymore.

      Also, have you tried using these prints?

    1. Hi Mike, There are some complications in finishing and releasing this set (including the legal kind). It’s not really the same as the Holliday engine. Hang on though, I’m still working and hoping to publish it some day!

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