42: the builder’s plate

This is the last construction update. The model has now received all the parts that its 1955 counterpart had, so the model is finished.

The last piece to go on is of course the builder’s plate. The builder’s plate can be found on everything from ships, to planes, and spacecrafts. It usually contains the builder’s name or company, the place of construction, the date, and serial number. Quite accurately, it’s very much like a machinery’s “birth certificate”.

There are no rules for the builder’s plate so information varies from plate to plate. On the DRR’s twins the plates were merely part number stamping. Each plate is found on respective engine’s backhead.

Around the park’s 50th anniversary the engines finally receive proper builder’s plate. They were designed by Michael Broggie┬áMichael Campbell to reflect each engine’s style and period. Read more about this at MiceChat.

The markings are very simple. They read:

  • National Boiler registration number (for the CK Holliday, it’s NB 642, [year] 1954).
  • Working Pressure: 200[psi]
  • ???: 213[psi]
  • Disney’s serial number: 12554-55

So there it is, the last piece of the engine. In total, there are over 3500 parts on the engine, with 676 unique parts.

But this is not the end of the blog. There will be more updates to come!

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