Haunted Mansion rendering

A while ago I posted a preview of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion’s facade architectural set. Continuing the preview, below are some shots of the 3d model built from the plan.

Architectural details such as the window shutter stop and exterior lamps are represented in both the model and the plans. As this is still work in progress, the decorative window bars are still missing.

Details such as the tapered columns, capitals, pediments, and cornices were drawn from traditional sources to ensure that these parts conform to classical architecture.

The landscape is just a rough draft to give the model a scene to be in.

Standby for future updates!


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4 Responses to Haunted Mansion rendering

  1. This is super exciting! Any further updates you’re ready to share??

  2. Beth

    I am going to fave this. What you’ve done is exciting and incredible! I really hope you truly are able to get it ‘packaged’ for public consumption. Because I certainly am interested!

  3. javier

    any updates ? i would love to have this 🙂

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