slow days

It’s sure been slow around here, hasn’t it? That’s because I’ve been working on another phase of this project.

Here’s something to look at, meanwhile: the completed engine.


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  1. Looking great in the alternative paint scheme!

    I have a couple questions/comments: Did you do the eagle on the sand dome yet? And second, I think the boiler bands need to be a little wider. The originals had “rolled” edges; adding these will make them sufficiently wide. Let me know if you need a photo.

    One other thing: Is it possible to make the wheel treads/flanges silver?

    Can’t wait to see the other phase you’re working on! (A Ripley, perhaps? =) )

    • Thanks! No eagle yet. I’ve asked other cad experts around and they said it’s not really doable because it contains lots of irregularities. The bands are rolled, but they’re not showing up well–I think because the brass’ brightness hides it all. I’ll get you a better pic.

      Possible to make the flange silver, but I kinda like the new out of the shop look 🙂

      Ripley? I knew that would come up. I don’t know yet, kinda burn out from this!

      • Can you somehow import an already-created eagle (or something close)?

        You should step away from the model if you get burned out. Start thinking more about roayls and courses for a while.

        BTW, went to Jamestown Settlement in Virginia–they have a sailing replica of the “Susan Constant,” a three-master that sort of looks like the Mayflower or Golden Hind. I talked to a young lady there who previously had no interest in sailing ships, but now can’t get enough!

  2. “I’ve been working on another phase of this project.” Hmmmm…

  3. Some train-nerd advice: Foamers like the rods down. Meaning the side rods should be at the bottom of the stroke. If not, it’s sort of like showing a ship with furled sails.(although I like rods up, too).

  4. good to talk to you again, brother.

  5. We’ll get togther sometime again. I’m buying.

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